Week 10 of Odd Prompts

Week TEN, people! We’re officially in double digits. Can you believe it?

Don’t forget to share this challenge with friends, friends of friends, and random strangers. There are only six degrees of separation across the world, after all. (And speaking of, stay safe out there. Wash your hands!)

Onto the prompts:

Prompter NamePromptPromptee
Becky JonesA team rivalry between two schools of magic gets out of control. What’s the game and what happens?B. Durbin
Cedar SandersonAphrodite riding sidesaddle on a goose. https://www.theoi.com/Gallery/K10.3.htmlnother Mike
B. Durbin“Nice dress.” “Thanks; it has temporal pockets.”Leigh Kimmel
nother MikeHe was bent over, praying, with his hands together, when the other hands grasped his in support. He blinked, and then noticed that the hands holding his were blue…Fiona Grey
Fiona GreyForensic analysis revealed…Becky Jones
Leigh Kimmel“Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart https://youtu.be/Ak_MTXQALa0Cedar Sanderson

And here are your spares. Grab one and dance your fingers across the keyboard, joining in the throes of whirling creation.

Spare promptFinally asleep, when the cat throws up beside the bed at 1:47 am. I know, because I look at the clock before I remember I don’t have a cat…
Spare promptYou pick up the remote and click it, and the fish tank changes channels…

As they say in Persian, khaste nabaashid, may you not be tired. Nor your phalanges, typing merrily away. Well done, all. Can’t wait to see you in the comments.

Header image from the Smithsonian Institute’s Open Access Online Platform repository, Creative Commons (CC0). Background artist Arthur Wesley Dow. Farsi added by Fiona Grey.



  1. First try… Eek, it’s a silly rhyme, rippling loose in time…

    Aphrodite sits in her saddle,
    A smile lighting up her face,
    No need for a paddle,
    Her goose knows the race.

    Up hill, and over dale,
    As they run with the wild geese,
    What a strange tale,
    The wild goose chasing peace!

    Aphrodite on her goose,
    Side-saddle for the day,
    With a strange vine loose,
    Beckoning all to join the fray!

    For the odds they would play,
    And the rest would watch in dismay,
    As the geese of the gods went astray,
    And the queen went away so gay!

    Sorry, the rhythm got away from me a few places…


    • Oh, wow! Comics! Even if I had to imagine them… I do like the little story. Kids try the darndest things…


    • Oh, I really like this! That would be something I would do inadvertently since I’m one of those people who turns my pockets inside out looking for stuff…


    • So now I get to say what inspired the prompt. It’s been cookie season, and I’ve been running cookie booths. There was one booth where I *swore* that we’d been given more in donations than the total we counted out at the end, but donations are fungible, so we just wrote down what we’d gotten. Then a week later, using the same money belt, we came up with more money than we should have had. So I just decided it was temporal pockets, throwing a $20 or more a week ahead in time.

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