Week 11 of Odd Prompts


Need a writing prompt? I know you do, O creative geniuses striving to please the inspiring muse of creation! Get a prompt, grab a spare, we’ve got prompts, prompts, prompts all the way to town.

Prompter Name Prompt Promptee
Misha Burnett You are driving cross country when it suddenly starts raining octopuses. What do you do? Leigh Kimmel
nother Mike She kissed a toad, hoping to get a prince, but instead, she became the toad princess… Misha Burnett
Fiona Grey The woman with the red, cat’s-eye sunglasses leaned back and blew a smoke ring. How did she manage this without smoking?
Cedar Sanderson
Becky Jones The little tree in the small tree plot in the sidewalk right in front of your house (this is a city sidewalk tree) is putting out small pink flowers, leaves are budding and the tree is clearly ready for spring. But it’s mid-January. What’s going on? nother Mike
Leigh Kimmel Happenings in interval between preliminary sound and striking of clock— ending— “it was the tones of the clock striking three”. Fiona Grey
Cedar Sanderson You have a new camera. When you look at the photos you took that day, you see the lens captured more than you intended.

Becky Jones

Spare visual prompt: The cold depths of space.

“starfield 12” by Cedar Sanderson (clickit to biggit)
Spare Prompt You see a stranger in your neighborhood getting out of a taxi with three heavy laundry bags. You know the nearby laundromat is closed for renovations. As you walk over to tell the stranger, you realize one of the laundry bags is moving, as if someone is struggling inside it. What do you do?
Spare Prompt The last entry in the Captain’s Log read: “Tomorrow, I will test the humor of these aliens with a simple joy-buzzer handshake.” Tell us about that fateful day…
Spare Prompt “Potato, potahto,” your boss sneered at you, ignoring your concerns. What’s the situation? How will he receive his comeuppance in the most epic, disastrous way possible?
Spare Prompt There’s a castle with a moat. Magic is real. Everywhere you look, there are storybook fantasy details. Including the quest…
Spare Prompt In this world, crocodiles and ____ are best friends.

Post your stories and links in the comments, and don’t forget to send in a prompt for next week to oddprompts@gmail.com.

Write on!

Header image by Fiona Grey, King’s Garden, Ticonderoga, New York.



  1. Fiona Gray: I used to take some licorice powder capsules and while I never blew a ring, I could SO easily see such happening. There were a couple…. interesting ‘events’ before I decided the supposed anti-depressant effects weren’t worth the side-effects. Including the one NOT in the literature.


  2. I had no idea licorice powder capsules were even a thing! I’m going to have to research this and work it into a story now.

    …sadly more realistic than being a dragon in human form, I suppose.


  3. Just glancing at the list of prompts, and that first one caught my eye… and the backbrain started singing…

    Octopuses keep falling on my car,
    And just like the guy whose spacesuit has sprung a leak
    Nothing seems air tight,
    Those octopuses keep falling on my car, they keep falling…

    Go ahead, sing along…

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  4. I’m not really sure if I’m done with it, but… https://mbarker.dreamwidth.org/231948.html

    Starts out like this:

    Sit, Monster! (700 words)
    By Mike Barker

    Gil looked at the three-headed dog on the sidewalk, and shook his head as all three heads watched him with big doggy grins. They barked, then it turned, lifted its leg, and marked the tree in the sidewalk in front of his old brownstone.

    Across the street, Mrs. Miller laughed. When he looked, she was leaning out of her kitchen window, watching the dog.

    (now, go read the rest!)

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