Week 13 of Odd Prompts


The world is turning upside down like a snowglobe, but I’m not sure those are snowflakes swirling around! Fortunately, when all else in in flux, there are always prompts to keep you writing. If you aren’t part of the prompted crew, feel free to grab a Spare Prompt and play along. No wordcount limits, it doesn’t even have to be fiction. Although, given most of the prompts, it would be even more of a challenge to make them non-fiction! 

Prompter Name Prompt
Promptee Name
nother Mike What do you do when the trooper beside you asks, “Did the Sarge say to get your arse in gear or get your arson gear?” Fiona Grey
Cedar Sanderson A race of dragon librarians whose highest honor after death was to be made into a book (a play on the books bound in human skin in horror tropes) B. Durbin
Fiona Grey’s Dad Fast food for dragons Leigh Kimmel
Becky Jones The very polite and friendly-looking, if a bit odd, gentleman on your doorstep is selling insurance for _________ . Kat Ross
Kat Ross (see the hut picture!)
Cedar Sanderson
B. Durbin The vacuum chokes on something, and when you clean it out, you look in surprise at the thing that really shouldn’t be there. nother Mike
Leigh Kimmel Warning that certain ground is sacred or accursed; that a house or city must not be built upon it—or must be abandoned or destroyed if built, under penalty of catastrophe. Becky Jones

Visual prompt!

Hut prompt by Kat Ross

Spare prompts, like the Spare ‘Oom, are a ‘nother world unto themselves

Spare The editor was hard to please, but that might have been because he had been dead for years.
Spare The fire chief sighed. That was the fifth call they had gone to in the last hour, all because someone set their hair on fire! Why did people think that was the right way to respond to this crisis, anyway?
Spare Flurp waved a happy tentacle with an extra curl and went back to ____.
Spare You find a puzzle piece in your luggage, and a jar of plastic ants in your briefcase…
Spare Do werewolves blow out their undercoats? Can you spin it? What would you make with werewolf yarn?

See you in the comments. We love to get feedback on the prompts, or submissions of your prompted creative works. 

Header image by Fiona Grey, Infantry Museum, Fort Gordon, Georgia.



    • Sounds almost like a reverse skinwalker thingie… instead of wearing the animal skin and turning into it, wear the werewolf’s yarn and turn into skin without the full moon?


      • Or maybe, a werewolf yarn scarf could give a werewolf the ability to stay human during the full moon? Or… wait, suppose that if you knitted a doggy sweater from werewolf yarn it could let your dog turn into a human being?


  1. Based on the photo in the header.

    “Pass your letters down the line, boys, pass your letters back”
    The Quartermaster hefted the great and greasy sack
    “We’ll send them back to Base HQ and they’ll send them home from there”
    The Quartermaster’s words were soft and scarce disturbed the air.

    “If you don’t know what to write,” the Sargent’s voice was also low
    “Start out with ‘I love you’, that’s always apropos
    “You can say that we’re advancing, but you can’t say where to.”
    “Not that we know anyway,” muttered someone in the crew.

    “Is mail call finished?” asked the Captain, as he stood before the ranks.
    “Seal your letters, send them off, we’ve an appointment with some tanks.
    We want them safely on the train before the foe begins to shell
    We’re skipping lunch today, boys, tonight we’ll feast in Hell.”

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    • Arson is starting fires, but y’a know, I’m not sure what an arson mission would be either! Still, you did a great job! Now I kind of want to see them finish the training mission…


  2. This week, my prompt was “The vacuum chokes on something, and when you clean it out, you look in surprise at the thing that really shouldn’t be there.”

    Sorry, this weekend has been difficult. I twisted my back or something early Saturday, and have mostly been not doing things this weekend as a result. However, along the way, I did come up with this fragment… incomplete, and I’m not quite sure where I would go with it.

    Watch Where You Stick That Vacuum Cleaner Hose! (500 words)
    By Mike Barker

    He knew he shouldn’t just stick the vacuum hose under the refrigerator and suck whatever was under there up in it, but… sweeping it out and sorting things out was so icky! So, since no one was watching, he stuck it under, and listened to the thumps and whooshes as he moved the hose tip around. Then the vacuum coughed, and he could feel the whole thing shudder. What the heck had he sucked up?

    He turned the vacuum off, and dragged the hose and the vacuum out under the bright fluorescent lights. Drat. Okay, start with the easy part.

    [You’ll find the rest at https://mbarker.dreamwidth.org/232678.html ]

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