Week 15 of Odd Prompts


This April is not like any other, at least not in my memory. Many of those reading this blog find themselves with time on their hands. Others find themselves with more to do than ever. What does this mean? Odd Prompts are a writing challenge. Not a contest, there’s no competition here. So if you can’t write your prompt? Try again. Post it two weeks later. Doesn’t matter. The point of this exercise is that writing engenders more writing. So start out with a prompt, and see where it takes you! Don’t see a prompt you can work with in the spares? There are 15 weeks worth of prompt posts. As my kids would say, go ham! 

Prompter Name Prompt
Promptee Name
Cedar Sanderson The chicken is a basketball sized bundle of greed and hate Kat Ross
Kat Ross Someone who has always been an enemy offers to help.
Cedar Sanderson
nother Mike He enjoyed getting his haircut until he noticed the ear laying in the curls of hair on the floor… B. Durbin
Fiona Grey Under the facemask was… Leigh Kimmel
B. Durbin Four girls of about 12 explore their Scout camp, formerly used as a tuberculosis sanitarium in the days prior to antibiotics. nother Mike
Becky Jones photo prompt, see below Fiona Grey
Leigh Kimmel photo prompt, see below Becky Jones


Leigh Kimmel prompts Becky Jones with this image of three figurines.

Second Prompt Photo has a little technical difficulty… 

spare Salesmen quit bothering Mr. Winkler after he taught his dog how to use a machine gun…
spare Watching the cheap foreign flick at the movie theater, he was astounded to recognize one of the actresses. It was his … (take your pick! Wife, sister, lover, whatever) and she was speaking fluent French? (Or another language if you like? Bollywood singing and dancing?)
spare Under the mask was…
Spare In a world where everyone wore masks, baring one’s face is….
Spare A forest spirit (like a dryad) trapped in a city park becomes reconciled to her fate because…
Spare Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning

Here’s the deal if you’re new: take a prompt, and write or create something sparked by it. Then post that somewhere public (ie not on Facebook) and drop the link in the comments here. Or, if it’s short, and you don’t have a public platform, just drop it in a comment. What do you get out of the prompted writing? A creative burst. Gentle feedback, possibly, but mostly encouragement from the other commenters. We support each other here, that’s why this place exists! 

See you next week! 

Header image by Fiona Grey, Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh.



  1. Don’t forget to check the earlier weeks, too! I know there are recent posts in Week 14 that haven’t gotten the love they deserve. Go back, read, and let the writers know you saw it!


    • Woo! Pooka, banshees, bones in the garden… and a perambulating hatrack! What else could anyone want! Yay!


    • What’s behind the mask? Who was that unmasked man? Or was it a man at all, or just a wisp of imagination? Hey, go read it! A spooky addition to the fruits of the OddPrompts nagging! Cool! (do people still say that?)


  2. It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks for various reasons. I’m finally back writing and realizing that I shouldn’t let it slide again since it’s apparently what’s keeping me sane these days. To that end, here is my prompt response to the photo of the figurine above. I’m late, but I still want to put something up for this prompt. I hope you enjoy.

    “Jack! Jack! Get in here!” Monica’s voice was panicky.

    Jack jumped out of his chair, grabbed his camera, and with Captain at his heels, dashed into the main part of the house from his home office. He had a nasty feeling about what he would find.

    Sure enough, sitting on the front porch was a dog, well, two dogs this time. This time the doll was not exactly a doll, but rather a figurine. It was a family of three, parents and daughter. They were dressed in away that suggested origins in India or somewhere on the subcontinent. The dogs were a contrast in size, a small brown Chihuahua and a large black Newfoundland. Both dogs were whining and looking between the figurine and Jack and Monica.

    “Shit,” Jack muttered. He glanced at Monica. “Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out. I promise.”

    He looked at the figurine again. This means war, assholes. He knew the dogs. Their presence was why Monica had panicked. Ralphie and Bruno belonged to his brother-in-law, Monica’s brother, and his family. Bruno, the Newfie, was the best friend and protector of their 8-year old daughter Sophie. Please don’t let Sophie be in that figurine. Pleasepleaseplease.

    He pulled the camera up and got down on the floor. Carefully centering the figurine in the viewfinder, he snapped the photo. Jack climbed back to his feet and before looking at the digital picture, put out his arm and pulled Monica into his side. Only then did he straighten out the screen on the camera and look at it.

    “Oh, God!” Monica’s voice broke. Outlined in the photograph were her brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter.

    Jack hugged her tightly. “I promise. We’ll get them all out safely. I promise.”

    He leaned down and carefully picked up the figurine. The two dogs whined again. Captain moved over and touched his nose to both as if to say “don’t worry.” Jack prayed that Captain’s trust in him wasn’t misplaced.

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