Week 26 of Odd Prompts: Halfway!


Welcome back to another week of Odd Prompts.

First: We’re halfway through the year! The longest day has passed, but to slightly misquote Zig Ziglar, a goal properly set is always halfway reached. When this journey began, the comments on Cedar’s MGC post show we were intrigued, but maybe a little hesitant. So here, my online friends, is to you, and our first halfway point. Cheers, slainte, nostrovia, prost!

Second: Congratulations to our own recovering professor Becky Jones, who published her first book last week! Félicitations, parabéns, tabrik basha, brava!

I don’t know about you, but I find inspiration in the sheer creativity that pours out on this page each week. Not just the stories or the accountability of a deadline, but the prompts themselves; the challenge to write about something foreign to one’s experience, an idea that wouldn’t occur without outside intervention.

And without any further ado, it’s time to keep the ball rolling into the second half of the year.

Prompter Prompt Prompted
Rachel Gavris “I don’t think children should have teeth that big.” nother Mike
Fiona Grey A visceral memory (yours or fictional as you prefer), brought to mind by a scent, taste, song, etc. Becky Jones
nother Mike The secretary cut her way through the locked doors into the corporate boardroom with a roaring chainsaw, and then… Rachel Gavris
Cedar Sanderson When portals are invented and you can go anywhere you want in the blink of an eye, ____________ will happen. Fiona Grey
Becky Jones The noise woke me up. I looked out the bedroom window to see two fully armored knights rolling a stone into my back yard. The stone had a sword protruding from one side. What is going on? Leigh Kimmel
Leigh Kimmel Something snatched away from one in the dark—in a lonely, ancient, and generally shunned place.
Cedar Sanderson

A spare visual prompt: source unknown, found on social media

Spare Halfway
Spare A lawyer, a priest, and a walrus walked into a bar. The bartender looked at them and said, …
Spare When the cleaning lady went into the bathroom, she was surprised to see someone in the bathtub. Then she saw that the tub was full of blood…
Spare The lemur and the manatee teamed up to :_______________
Spare Do dragons know they are normally found here?

No genre restrictions, no length requirements, no commitment. Just people who write, and share their writing. Will you join us, and walk through the gate into new worlds?

Header image Fiona Grey, King’s Garden, New York.



  1. This week’s post is here, although it feels like it’s missing something. My husband and I had a lot of fun tossing ideas around, though. There’s a lot of backstory and I might pick it up again later for expansion. https://fionagreywrites.com/consequences/

    And Lady Death’s story continues from Week 22 here if anyone is interested. I finally got around to posting the next part. https://fionagreywrites.com/lady-death-continued-1/


  2. This week, my prompt came from Rachel Gavris

    “I don’t think children should have teeth that big.”

    I went back to Gil, the Monster Hunter Chef.

    Kindergarten Sticks? (900 words)
    by Mike Barker

    Gil tried to do some of the deliveries from the kitchen, to help him learn about the different parts of the company. Most of them were pretty obvious, the armory, the building engineers in their basement shop, even the security team with a wall of monitors. Today, though, he had grabbed the cart tagged for the kindergarten. What were they doing with a kindergarten in the Monster Hunters headquarters?

    He pushed the cart along, looking at what was on it. Packed snacks, plenty of fruit drinks, napkins… there was a big box on top labeled sticks. He flipped the top up, saw what looked like Lincoln logs, and shrugged. Maybe it was for the kids to play with?

    You can read the rest at https://mbarker.dreamwidth.org/235749.html

    I wonder what Rachel is going to do with the roaring chainsaw in the boardroom?

    Liked by 1 person

    • A little bit here, a little bit there… and now, we have the sword in the stone, for fun… Nice!


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