Week 34 of Odd Prompts


Got creativity? Art takes many forms, and all are welcome. Explore cratered asteroids before the space miners arrive, meet new friends you’ll laugh with still in twenty years, celebrate the engagement between a dragon and an orc, investigate farmhouses unchanged from an old memory, cheer for your city’s heroes (or villains, depending on your perspective). Trade a prompt or grab a spare, and see what happens.

Prompter Prompt Prompted
Cedar Sanderson It involved a flatbed truck, a raccoon, the bones of a rat, and a dragon (or was it?)… Becky Jones
Fiona Grey Follow your dreams. Taken literally. nother Mike
nother Mike There was a king cobra in the kitchen sink.
Cedar Sanderson
Becky Jones That big closet in the hall is very convenient. It’s quite large and makes for good storage space. One day you realize that there is way more stuff in there than it should be able to hold. You decide to clean it out. As you reach into the back of the closet you discover that it is much larger than is physically possible. What’s going on? Leigh Kimmel
Leigh Kimmel Little green Celtic figures dug up in an ancient Irish bog. Fiona Grey

Committment shy? Forget to send yours in? Save it for next week, and grab a spare below.

Spare When the gypsy fortuneteller says, “You need to find the sparkly hoozits,” you know exactly what she means. What is that sparkly hoozits you need to find, and why do you need to find it?
Spare When they kicked the leg of the body laying in the underbrush, a swarm of flies flew up into the air.
Spare It was Tuesday when they came out of the whole in the wall. No, not a hole, the whole in the wall…
Spare You’re doing yard work in the back yard. As you finish up you notice that at the back edge of the yard there is an interesting little group. Three racoons, a couple of squirrels, and an opossum are sitting there. One of the racoons has a piece of paper in its hand and waves you over. You approach and the racoon hands you the piece of paper. What is on it?

Head back to check out the comments for this week’s responses! And don’t forget to send in your prompts for next week to oddprompts@gmail.com (add “spare” to the subject line to stay in that category).



  1. Fiona Grey prompted…

    Follow your dreams. Literally.

    I played with it a bit, and came up with this.

    Follow Your Dreams (1100 words)
    By Mike Barker

    Wilbur wasn’t sure when he saw the ad, but he decided to try it. What the heck, when you’re out of work, you’ve got time, right? So he went into the campus and found the building. They handed him a bunch of forms. What he was mostly interested in was… yep, one week food and a place to stay, plus pay. Hey, that sounded good.

    Then they showed him this room, they called it the dream lab.

    The dream lab looked pretty much like any cheap dormitory or motel room. A simple bed, with a single chair beside it. The psychologist, Dr. Edwards, smiled when Wilbur said that.

    “We want you to be relaxed, and a simple bedroom is better for that than a lab with electronic cabinets and shining lights. So, let me go over it again. I know you read the brochure and agreed to this, but I want to make sure you understand.”

    Wilbur shrugged.

    “See, we’re really teaching people how to fully experience their dreams. It’s a simple process, and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

    You can read the rest at https://mbarker.dreamwidth.org/236366.html

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    • By the way, I see that most of you are advertising for more participants. I’m wondering if that’s even worthwhile for me, although I guess I should do my part to further the cause. That said, as far as I know, you guys are the only ones who read our stuff, and I’m not sure how to and if I should try to change that.


      • I do it, and I think I set the trend, because I started this whole thing. You don’t have to.

        So this came out of a similar challenge group I was involved in maybe a decade ago, and one of the things that group did was ‘cross-pollinate’ everyone’s blogs by linking to each other. I didn’t want to require that for this group, because not everyone taking part has, or wants, a blog. The only thing I didn’t want was for it to be based on Facebook.

        And it’s ok if we don’t get more participants. This is a great group, everyone taking part is putting out really high quality material.

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      • I followed Cedar’s lead, partly just to get more comfortable with WordPress and to build a promo habit. I mean…not even my husband reads what I write half the time. 🙂

        It’s been fun, seeing everyone else’s blogs! Makes me nostalgic for the old school blogosphere.


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