Week 43 of Odd Prompts

First off, the prompts are up! Randomly assigned prompts are available! You didn’t get one? Well, send one in and you’ll get one next week.

For those that may be new to this, you can email in a short prompt to oddprompts@gmail.com, and then on Wednesday you’ll receive a prompt in return through random assignment. At this point, it’s yours to do with as you will, whether that response is in the form of fiction, poetry, essay, or… art, music, sculpture? I’m sure it’s out there! The point of the exercise is to kick your creativity up a notch, and to give some gentle encouragement and critique to fellow participants.

Secondly, for those who have been participating in the prompts all year (all forty-three weeks so far!) you are amazing. Honestly, it’s so much fun to see what you come up with every week. I’m looking forward to this week!

nother MikeWhen she opened the book, there was a pressed flower between page 90 and 91.Becky Jones
Fiona GreyA joyous feeling – that you absolutely never want to experience again.Leigh Kimmel
Becky JonesYou’re walking through an empty house. The only piece of furniture in the place is a black cabinet standing against the back wall of the dining room. On top are three or four old liquor bottles each with about 1-2 inches of liquid remaining. The cabinet has two full-length doors. You decide to open it. What do you find?Cedar Sanderson
Leigh KimmelIn the video for Phil Collins’ “Don’t Lose My Number” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7Z-eUmR2bM), several people offer ideas for possible videos. In addition to parodies of several other music videos that were popular at the time and of the Mad Max movies, there are glimpses of three story videos that might have been: a Western, a fantasy and a samurai movie. Pick one and tell the story that we only glimpse.Fiona Grey
Cedar SandersonThe blue sun rises over endless desert seas, and…nother Mike

If sending in a prompt is too much commitment, but you’d like to try your hand at creating something, check out the spare prompts!

SpareYou’re watching a movie when one of the characters steps out and asks for your help. What do you do? (Stolen from “The Purple Rose of Cairo”)
Spare“The McMuffin was a MacGuffin.”
Spare*sniff*sniff* “You smell of unicorn.”
SpareThe dog pushed him over, and then sniffed his armpit.
Spare“It’d be a shame to let the dragons get dusty.”

Be sure to come back and check out the comments to see what people grow from the small kernels of prompts.



  1. “You’re watching a movie when one of the characters steps out and asks for your help. What do you do?”

    I’m imagining a cheesy Direct To Cable Horror/SF movie like Galaxy Of Terror and the character is the Evil Space Vampire Queen (think the Pirate Queen from Barbarella). Now I just have to figure out what she wants.

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  2. Cedar prompted….

    The blue sun rises over endless desert seas, and…

    This has been a busy week, and I have only two fragments of odd writing to offer…

    When the blue sun rises over the endless desert seas,
    And sea lions frolic amidst the sandy dunes,
    ‘Tis time to look around and say,
    Where am I? Who am I? What has become of me?
    For against the blazing skies, all yellow and shining,
    The blue sun glares down, and desert seas roll on,
    With oases scattered here and there,
    Where strange sandmaidens comb their hair,
    And odd flatfish trees grow up towards the sky,
    With clusters of puffer fish hanging there.

    The blue sun rises over endless desert seas, and…
    The horse of a different color plods slowly home,
    Underneath the rainbow skies that glitter and gleam,
    Above the desert seas, the waves slowly crashing,
    Against the shore, where fields of skeletal flowers,
    Gnash their teeth, waiting for any who roam there.

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