Week 44 of Odd Prompts

Hey there, my fellow ghosts and goblins and zombies. May your Hallo’een be filled with prompt treats!

New to More Odds Than Ends? Send a prompt in by Tuesday to oddprompts@gmail.com, and label it a spare if you prefer not to trade. Responses can be written, musical, baked goods, photos – whatever your creative heart desires!

Onto the prompts. Will they be creepy? Crawlie? Undead? Surrounded by eerie mists and fog?

(Note: I think we’re missing some due to technical difficulties. We will update later. In the meantime, I’ve added extra spares.)

Fiona GreyShe lifted the lid off the pumpkin she was carving, and discovered ____ inside.Leigh Kimmel
nother MikeThe old farmer told the policeman, “So, I went out to milk the cows, and they was gone!”Fiona Grey
Leigh KimmelThe sculptured hand—or other artificial hand—which strangles its creator.nother Mike
Becky JonesThe day disappeared. The calendar skipped it, it was there
yesterday, but not today. What happened?
Cedar Sanderson
Cedar SandersonThe ad for the archaeologist position was worded very strangely. They couldn’t be serious about cursed tombs? She applied anyway, and in the interview she was asked…Becky Jones

And now, for a visual prompt + caption:

What does one do with voodoo cookies?

Last, but never least, our spares for your trick-or-treating desires.

SpareIt was just an old quilt, sewn in the Drunkard’s Path pattern out of a lovely turkey red fabric, and odd gray scraps that had brown stains spattered across them.
Spare“That was the day the Universe had ended. It was odd how nobody seemed to notice that.”
Spare“He’s got your horns.” “But your tail.”
SpareFor Freida, the historical reenactments and costumes only felt like going home.
SpareHe scrolled down on the screen, and the background… the desktop behind the screen slid sideways.
SpareThe man in the tan trench coat was fiddling with the car door. When I looked back, he had vanished, nowhere to be found.
SpareThe mango margarita was a bad idea. It would only lead to…
SparePotlucks gone wrong

See you in the comments!



  1. Leigh Kimmel prompted

    The sculptured hand—or other artificial hand—which strangles its creator.

    Sorry, running late and rather odd… but it’s kind of a fun sketch of a tale…

    The detective looked at the sprawled figure, with a splash of silver at its throat. He checked with the crime scene techs. They had the pictures and measurements they needed, and the ME said he could move the body. When he did, he saw that it was a silver robotic hand, choking the life out of whoever it was.

    After reviewing the rambling SNS postings and videos posted by the victim, he finally thought he understood. But he shook his head. Imagine the hubris, the arrogance of the man! He had made that wonderful silver hand, mixing the artistic and robotic to provide himself with a helping hand, and then… he decided it wasn’t as good as it could be. In his postings, he noted that the musculature in the silver hand was just too evident, and that occasionally as it worked, you could still see the hidden gears under the skin working. So, he had decided that he would destroy this one, and make a better one.

    Of course, that was when the silver hand struck. There was a video of those last moments, with the silver hand leaping from the desk up to his throat and choking him.

    When the detective laid all this out to the prosecutor, he was surprised that the lawyer chuckled.

    “Will there be charges filed?” he asked the lawyer.

    “No. It’s clearly a case of self defense.” The lawyer shook his head.

    “What? No, the silver hand killed him.”

    “That’s right.” The lawyer nodded. “Self-defense by the hand! Hands down.”

    He nodded, slowly. “You have to hand it to him…”

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  2. This week’s prompt was interesting, but it sent my mind in so many ways that I couldn’t figure out one that was actually worth developing. Too many that were obvious and done to death, and not that much that had that spark of WOW.

    OTOH, I am under quite a bit of stress right now, which doesn’t exactly help the flowing of the creative juices. Maybe when things settle down, the subconscious will hand me something so wild and extraordinary that it practically writes itself.

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