Week 45 of Odd Prompts

2020 rolls on like a creaking, overburdened wagon, with groans of tortured wood and shrieks of rusted metal parts too long neglected.

Here at More Odds Than Ends, we are living up to our name, and we’re not done yet. Give us a few weeks!

In the meantime, if you would like to join in on the prompt challenge, it’s renewed every week, so you can jump in at any point with a prompt or a spare!

Becky JonesSilhouetted against a purple sky, the rider appeared to be mounted on a…Leigh Kimmel
Cedar SandersonThe words came out all jumbled together, a salad of nouns and verbs with a dressing of adjectives and croutons of prepositions.Fiona Grey
nother MikeThere was a golden chicken in the trashcan. Squawking at the indignity of it all. With three golden eggs underneath.Cedar Sanderson
Fiona GreyThe Viking grinned maniacally over the steering wheel of his tiny electric vehicle, his red beard flying in all directions.nother Mike
Leigh KimmelIt was supposed to be a simple hard drive swap, in and out. When the tech opened the robot’s casing, what he saw inside made him yell for the big boss to come and take a look.Becky Jones

If you are looking for something to jog your muse into action and work off all those carbs she’s been munching in quarantine because stress, but you don’t want to commit to anything, feel free to grab a spare prompt!

SparesYou discover that while you are not GOD, you are A God. A God … of the Copybook Headings.
Spares“It’s unthinkable! Unimaginable!” “It’s happened three times this morning.”
SparesDANGER: Creeping Librium
SparesNo one was quite sure what to do when they discovered the sexbot was pregnant…
SparesThe gun in the bathroom had been fired once, and the mirror lay in shards everywhere.

We will see you in the comments with your creation! Come on, be accountable to productivity with us. This year may collapse into indignity before too long, but 2021 is going to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Onward! Upward!



    • Which pulled this oldie out of my bank of earworms… Here we come, walking down the street, getting funniest looks from, everyone we meet… hey, hey, we’re anxiety meds, Librium, Xanax, and Valium… (I’ll go hide now…)

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      • The odd thing is I have this memory of a song or poem with a list of drugs but can’t find anything of it… what I recall is just “Librium, Valium.” So now I wonder, did I ever really encounter it, or is the memory just being spurious and going, ‘Well, it SHOULD exist!’ — and before you ask, I have thought about how to bring into existence and have concluded that my efforts would not suffice.


      • I was thinking about Buckaroo Banzai. When we first meet Lord John Whorfin in the mental institution, the background speaker is saying “Lithium is no longer available on credit”.


  1. Also…

    I will admit to submitting: “It’s unthinkable! Unimaginable!” “It’s happened three times this morning.”

    And the Keeper of This Site can confirm it was submitted long before the events of the Election ‘Counting’ of this year…. which it could describe rather too well, alas.

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  2. This week one of the prompts all but begged me to take it. [insert image here of little kid waving his hand at the teacher – pick me, pick me.]

    “The gun in the bathroom had been fired once, and the mirror lay in shards everywhere.”

    All I had to do was answer the questions of why and who.

    I decided not to research this one, instead I outsourced. [grin] Much Thanks to Brena for answering a couple of firearm questions so I didn’t sound like a total duffus. Any mistakes in that section are mine, not bad intel.


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  3. Sigh. I rather doubt that I am going to make it this week. My desktop computer decided yesterday was a good day to die, which means that I am going nuts today trying to figure out how to get back into a working configuration. I do have backups (a week out of date? Maybe?) and so forth, but the fuss and bother of the whole mess… this computer is provided by the office, so I can’t just run off and replace it. Plus, for bonus credit, this week I’m supposed to be chairing two virtual panels for a conference nominally located in Munich, with all the fun of time travel involved there. I do have a laptop and home setup that should handle that, but… my apologies’ I don’t think you’re going to see the Viking gleefully racing his electric car around, playing bumper pool with the others, or whatever this week. Catch you next week!

    Although, come to think about it, that’s not a bad metaphor for the way I feel today. A Viking madly racing his electric car hither and yon, bumping into obstacles, and crying, “Whee!” That’s me!

    (Written on my iPad! There’s more than one way to get here!)

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  4. […] This week, Cedar Sanderson challenged me with “The words came out all jumbled together, a salad of nouns and verbs with a dressing of adjectives and croutons of prepositions.” Nother Mike turned out to be the Viking I proposed he write about this week, and may his experiences next week be less eventful. […]


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