Week 49 of Odd Prompts

We enter December of 2020 with heads held high, and hopes in our hearts. So little time remains of this, er, momentous year!

So let’s see it out with a few more weeks of prompts, and if nothing else in our lives makes sense, then, well, these won’t either.

Fiona GreyIt’s time for the tomatoes to wake up!nother Mike
Cedar SandersonThe advent calendar was filled with the most improbable things…Leigh Kimmel
Becky JonesThe turkey soup was wonderful. Everybody said they felt energized and rejuvenated after they had a bowl. A couple of days later you look in the mirror, and you DO look younger.Cedar Sanderson
nother MikeThey were surprised to see a bottle of wine under the Christmas tree. It hadn’t been there last night…Fiona Grey
Leigh KimmelThere are several works of Victorian didactic poetry that we know only because they were parodied in Alice in Wonderland. It’s two centuries in the future. What present-day songs, movies, etc. are remembered only because a parody of them had more cultural staying power than the original?Becky Jones

And if you forgot to send in a prompt, or this whole year has given you a case of the squibs, there are always Spare Prompts. No muss, no fuss, simply stuff and nonsense. Then, let us see in the comments what you made of it!

Spare“What do you mean ‘oops’?” asked the patient.
Spare“Your Majesty, of course you should have your offspring truly learn trades. There are many reasons, but here is the big one: Being honest, any given commoner really does not care if a Prince even lives or dies, but anyone who endangers his plumber and thus his conveniences and drains? That’s an Enemy who MUST be defeated.”
SpareWhen the Groundhog Day virus hit your smartphone, it started calling all your friends in your contact list. Repeatedly!
SpareLooking out of the bus stop through the pouring rain, you saw the blind man about to cross the street in front of the oncoming truck. You…
SpareOf course you will pair your peanut butter, banana, and toast with…

And that’s all there is of that. Don’t forget to comment early and often with your prompt responses. We’ll be looking forward to it!



  1. Fiona Grey said…

    It’s time for the tomatoes to wake up!

    Which reminded me of those old studies of growing plants with music… so…

    Tomatoes On My Mind
    By Mike Barker

    Harold shook his head. What was old Albert up to now? He had some kind of wires laid out in his garden, and he was hauling big boxes out there, too.

    “Hey, Albert, what are you doing?”

    Albert settled one box, then looked around.

    “Oh, hey, Harold. Didn’t see you there. Well, you know I’ve been reading those farm reports the county agent sent around, and I’m going to do it.”

    Harold scratched his head, and bit his lip.

    “Do what? All I see is some wires and boxes.”

    Albert nodded. Then he waved at the garden.

    “That’s right. But you see, I’ve got peppers, onions, tomatoes, all those. And they just don’t grow very good here. But those farm reports, now, they got me to thinking.”

    Harold nodded.

    “Okay, I’ll bite. Thinking about what?”

    Albert smiled.

    “Well, they did a whole bunch of testing, with different kinds of music, and it turns out that plants grow a whole lot better if you give them some music to work with. If I got it right, they actually like rock and roll, although some of them also do pretty good with classic. So, I’ve got me some speakers, and I’m going to hook it up. Then, tomorrow, we’re going to start the day with Symphony number 9. Beethoven, you know? It’s time for the tomatoes to wake up! Then I’ll give them some easy listening, maybe The Rolling Stones or Peter, Paul, and Mary. Haven’t decided yet.”

    Harold was half-gasping, half-laughing.

    Arnold frowned.

    “Now, don’t you laugh. It’s right there in those farm reports, and I’m going to do it.”

    Harold took a deep breath, and nodded.

    “Nope, I think you’re on the right track. I just was a mite surprised to hear you call the Stones easy listening.”

    Arnold sniffed.

    “I like them, so it’s good enough for my garden. I’ll bet those peppers will grow right well with a little rock and roll.”

    Harold grinned.

    “I’ll be watching. And listening, too! You have a good day now.”

    He turned and walked away. Behind him, he heard Arnold start to fasten up the wires. He was whistling. Oh, sure, I can’t get no satisfaction…

    That Arnold always was up to something!

    The End

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    • Years ago, when I was still in single digits, Mom was going to a local Jr. College and one project she had was testing plant growth. She had some vine type plants around the house with radios. One was classical, one contemporary rock, another I think was some kind of jazz or christian, and one with nothing. All were given the same food and water. IIRC, the one with classical music did the best, followed the control. I can’t recall what exactly what the forth plant had playing, but the one with rock (70’s era) did the worst. So, there was proff that rock n roll, stunted your growth. 😀

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  2. I’ve been pondering Leigh’s prompt and I’m having a hard time thinking of something that’s popular right now that would get parodied and then remembered for the parody. My brain keeps going to Weird Al Yankovich and his parodies…but those are already done. I’m going to keep thinking about this one….ponder ponder ponder.


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