Week 50 of Odd Prompts

I can’t say I’ll mind when 2020 is over, but it hasn’t been all bad. Y’all are pretty awesome. This is a year that deserved some light coming into the world, and whether you’re an active participant, a sometimes reader, or sheerly a contemplator, it’s been filled with creativity and fun.

So without further ado, let’s get onto those prompts! Want to trade? Email in to oddprompts@gmail.com and we’ll get you into the rotation.

Leight KimmelEnchanted garden where moon casts shadow of object or ghost invisible to the human eye.FIona Grey
Cedar SandersonA letter shows up. It’s addressed to you, and it starts out like the person knows you and your situation. But you don’t recognize the name, and some of the news in the letter is very strange indeed.nother Mike
Becky JonesThe dog walked in the door like he owned the place. Crouched on his back, the cat took everything in before jumping off and heading for the sofa. You laugh at the confidence on display…but these are not your pets.Leigh Kimmel
Fiona GreyAs it turned out, an infestation of baby dragons was not something to wish for after all.Cedar Sanderson
nother MikeFive faeries, like Tinkerbelle, but all different pastel shades, danced down the dragon’s arm and spun around in a circle in its paw…Becky Jones

And now for the spares – alternatives, that is, not sparse. We know you can put some meat on these prompt bones. Same email address, just put “spare” in the subject line.

SpareAfter the third morning that the Christmas tree moved itself during the night, we discovered that it was actually a shy fae looking for a home during the holidays…
SpareTwas two weeks before Christmas, but all through the house, the toys were talking about what might be coming in for the holidays…
Spare2020 was the year of the rat, and 2021 is the year of the ox… What happens when the ox takes over for the rat?
SpareThe email offered me a free six-week vacation to Gondor with all UFO travel expenses pre-paid and all logistics worked out…

Be safe. Be gentle. Stay sane. Have patience when you can, forgiveness when you can’t. Find the little things that bring joy from the unexpected. Share with the world, or at least in the comments.

Header image by phamphuonglinh, Pixabay, because we need more whortleberries in this world.



  1. Cedar Sanderson prompted…

    A letter shows up. It’s addressed to you, and it starts out like the person knows you and your situation. But you don’t recognize the name, and some of the news in the letter is very strange indeed.

    So I took a little trip, and here’s what I found…

    Harold was happy to see some mail in his mailbox. He had just moved, and was glad to see that someone knew the new address. Of course, when he got it out, there were the usual junk mailings. And a plain envelope. With his name and the new address on it.

    He opened it up quickly. It started out normal enough, Dear Harold… and a line about Congratulations on completing his move. He looked down at the signature. Who the heck was that? Well, let’s see…

    Wait a minute, they were commenting on the pictures he hung up in his living room? He knew he had kept those for a while, but why would anybody care that he hung up those landscapes he had bought in college from an artist who was doing mall shows? And how did they know he hung them up in the living room? He hadn’t had anyone visiting yet…

    He shook his head at the next part. He should prepare for a visit from the silver unicorn? What? But… then they started to suggest what he should wear, and they apparently knew what he had in his closet? And suggested he get a red tie to go with it? What?

    And then… his twin sister was doing well at the Academy of the Lens? Mentor had given her his special award of honor? She would get her own speedster soon? He didn’t even have a sister, let alone a twin. What the heck?

    He looked at the letter again, and turned the envelope over. The stamp was just an ordinary one. Well, actually two stamps, one for most of the cost, and another to adjust. And they had been cancelled… he could see a date, but he couldn’t figure out the location. And there was no return address.

    He looked at the letter again. Whoever wrote it knew about his move, and his decorations, and his wardrobe. But a silver unicorn? And that business about his sister? What else did they have to say?

    Oh, dynamite. They were offering him a job, after the silver unicorn visited? Wait, was the silver unicorn a person? Or… and they did mention that if he accepted the job as their agent, he would need to be prepared to travel? What kind of a letter was this?

    He started to fold the letter and slip it back into the envelope. That’s when he found the two hundred dollar bills in the envelope. And he bit his lip. He could see someone writing a fake letter of some kind, although he couldn’t see any reason for it. But $200 was hard to argue with. It certainly suggested that they were serious. Now, should he get ready for a silver unicorn to visit? And think about that job? Or just figure that they were… wait, could they have been trying to reach some other Harold?

    He scratched his head, and wondered. What could a letter like this mean?

    [first rough draft, just rambling…]

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