Week 40 of Odd Prompts

There’s a point in sleeplessness where you break with reality. The veil between the world and imagination thins. The stories in your head begin to ooze out…

Cedar SandersonCelebrating her 45th Birthday wasAC Young
Becky JonesThey found him there, several years later, the hold music still drifting out of the phone.Leigh Kimmel
AC YoungWhat goes down must come back up.nother Mike
nother MikeThe menu in the diner included centipede pie…Cedar Sanderson
Leigh KimmelYou’re driving down a country road, past modern farmsteads and modern tractors hard at work, and then you see an antique Rumely Oil Pull, not as a museum piece, but actually working in a field. (For those unfamiliar with antique tractors, here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSwOfT4EwvM )Becky Jones

If you aren’t ready for swapping prompts (it’s nothing like swapping spit, I promise) then here are your spares if one tickles your fancy (where is the fancy, anyway?).

Spare“I don’t want Large. I want Extra Large!”
SpareThe drapes on the windows had large suckers, and moved…. Tentacle curtains!
SpareThe pizza topping wiggled as they took it out of the box…
SpareThere was a puzzle piece in the purse.
SpareThe firemen weren’t quite sure how to deal with the call to get a flying saucer out of the treetop…

When you have written – no word count required, as few or as many as you like – or have created in another way (have we seen yarn art here yet? No? Why not?) then post your result in the comment. Either the whole thing, or a link back to it, and then enjoy seeing what everyone else has accomplished this week!

Also, get some sleep. Your brain needs it.



  1. In this week’s prompt rotation I got Cedar Sanderson’s: Celebrating her 45th Birthday was

    Which of the many options do I take? A Leap Year birth on 29th Feb would make said individual 180, which seemed too old to be realistic. Setting it on another planet with a different year length might work, permitting a wide range of underlying ages, but I discarded that one too.

    Floral scents filled the air in the foyer of the Grand Prospectors’ Hotel as Gemma and Jeremy passed through it, making their way to the Sapphire Room.

    On Tuesday Jeremy had received a promotion, and the pair were having a fancy meal out to celebrate.

    Revolving doors spun as they passed into the restaurant and waited at the lectern to be seated. Giving their name to the maitre d’ they were guided to their table.

    The restaurant was nearly full, with most of the tables already having diners seated at them. A large party of around twenty were seated at one long table along one of the sides.

    Yellow and blue irises, and red and white roses were to be found in vases on each and every table. Gemma loved flowers, so was distracted when the waitress came to take their drinks orders.

    Finding the drinks menu, Gemma ordered a bottle of white wine for the pair of them. The waitress took away the drinks menu, swapping it with the food menu.

    It was a long menu, but halfway through reading the starters Gemma was distracted by the passage of a large cake.

    Voluminous balloons accompanied the cake. A four and a five. The large party to Gemma’s right was having a birthday celebration. A forty-fifth to be precise. The cake was set before an elegantly dressed lady seated in the middle of the table. The candles on the cake were lit.

    Eleanor Oakdale stood up and blew out the nine candles. They were then relit, and she had to blow them out again four more times.

    The waitress chose this moment to return to the table with the wine. Gemma and Jeremy had yet to decide what they wanted to order, so the waitress waited for them to make their choices.

    Orders in, Gemma and Jeremy settled back to wait for their starters. As they conversed, they kept an eye on the birthday party, who were now on their deserts, and chattering more and more merrily.

    Duo of melon was Gemma’s starter, mushroom soup was Jeremy’s. Both found their dish very enjoyable.

    As the dishes from the couple’s starter were being cleared away, the birthday party got up to leave. It took some time for them to escape the restaurant – Mrs Oakdale was the town’s favourite Maths Teacher.

    Yet the world kept turning. Gemma and Jeremy’s roasts were delivered to their table. The rest of their celebratory meal passed very pleasantly.

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  2. AC Young predicted…

    What goes down must come back up.

    Oh, my. Digestion, sewers, all kinds of reversals…

    And after running around and doing this and that this week, my brain tossed up…

    The five-year-old on the playground stared,
    As the old man whispered…
    “What goes down, must come back up!”

    A grin crossed that little face, and…
    He pushed down hard on one end,
    And the other end of the teeter totter swung up!
    “What goes down, must come back up!”

    Then he grabbed a swing, pulled it up, and pushed it hard,
    Down it swung, and up again!
    “What goes down, must come back up!”

    A Ferris wheel swung beside the park,
    He pointed at the seats swinging down,
    And then up, up, up!
    “What goes down, must come back up!”

    Around and around he swung,
    Pointing here, pointing there…
    “What goes down, must come back up!”

    Actions and reactions, back and forth…
    The world turns, and dark turns into light again,
    The sun went down, and then…
    “What goes down, must come back up!”
    As the sun rose again!


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