Week 23 of Odd Prompts

Some days, the creativity flows, words pour out, and ideas float into the ether before our fingertips are quick enough to catch them. If writing prompts flitted from writer to writer as pollinating butterflies, what would the results be when snagged with a gentle net by each individual?

And on other days, perhaps less dreamy days, here be prompts. Like fabled monsters of old, perhaps these ideas leap from boulder to mountain, dashing between adventures.

Cedar SandersonCuddly, but troubleFiona Grey
Fiona GreyThe aftermath of playing fetch with a fish.nother Mike
nother MikeThere was a demon in the frying pan…Cedar Sanderson
Becky JonesThe bird flew straight through the closed window without harm.Leigh Kimmel
Leigh KimmelDepartment of misread words: read “captress” as “catpress.” What would a cat press be?Becky Jones

Forget to send a prompt in, or need something different? Snag a spare!

SpareThe hive swarmed closer.
SpareAn exceptional dream, found fondly by the side of the lane.
SpareThere was an alien baby in the hospital nursery
SpareTake me home, cobweb threads, to the spider, waiting there…
SpareVery few humans knew that the founder and main operative of the Bureau of AI Affairs was a Quantum AI…

Don’t forget to post your creations in the comments, and send in ideas to oddprompts@gmail.com if you want to give it a whirl. Cheers!

Header image by Fiona Grey



  1. Fiona Grey brought out the bait…

    The aftermath of playing fetch with a fish.

    [Okay, let’s see…]

    Hermoine sighed, looking around at the poolside. Obviously, the youngsters she was supposed to be taking care of had enjoyed themselves. There were sprays of water from the pool everywhere! But how had they gotten it…

    “All right, you rascals. Before you run off, how did you do this? I mean, you didn’t have a hose in the pool, did you?”

    The boy looked at his feet, then at the mess around the pool. Then he chuckled.

    “No. It’s all Gerry’s fault, really. I mean, he seemed to enjoy it, but…”

    She frowned.

    “Gerry? Who’s that? Did you have someone else here?”

    The boy laughed.

    “No, no. Gerry is our fish. The one that lives in the swimming pool.”

    Now she blinked.

    “Okay. And what was Gerry doing that made such a mess?”

    “It’s really simple. He likes to play fetch, and we enjoy it, too. But… when he brings the ball back, he kind of spits? I mean, you get a shower every time.”

    She shook her head.

    “What? Do you think I am going to believe that?”

    The boy shrugged, picked up a small plastic ball, and tossed it into the pool.

    There was a swirl of water, and… something down in the pool grabbed the ball. Then it swished to the surface, and the ball shot into the air, dancing on a spout of water. It started to fall, and there was another water spout, hitting it, and driving it towards the boy.

    The amount of water that sprayed out of the pool, and onto the boy, certainly matched the rest of the mess.

    She nodded.

    “Well, I can see what you mean. Thanks. Now, how do we get this all cleaned up before your parents get home?”

    [running out of time, so we’ll let the babysitter rest now…]

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